Majestic Oak Property

The Town of Sunset Beach is acquiring a 4.28 acres tract on the east end of island between Cobia Street and 16th Street. The purchase price is $2,000,000. A Parks and Recreation Trust Fund grant application was submitted on April 28, 2022 requesting $500,000 toward the purchase of the property. Also, a Division of Coastal Management Public Access grant was submitted on April 22, 2022 requesting $250,000. 

The Town intends to preserve the property as open space. The Council has not determine what amenities will be placed on the property. The property is situated on the Bay area of South Jinks Creek and would be an excellent place for a kayak launch, observation deck and a fishing pier. The Council will begin discussion in the fall of 2022 once the property is secured. 

On April 25, 2022, a Community Meeting was held to gather input and feedback from the public regarding the desired amenities.

The Town has applied for two (2) grants to assist with the purchase of the Majestic Oak property. The Parks and Recreation Trust Fund grant application is for $500,000 and the Beach and waterfront Access grant application is for $250,000. Both are available here for review.
Grant Applications: