File Of Life Program

The File of Life program provides information to emergency responders about a patient’s medical history. The Sunset Beach Fire Department implemented this program to increase our capabilities of providing the best service we can. The File of Life program has many benefits. Not only does the program provide emergency responders with instant access to a patient’s medical history, it also allows for the hasty execution of the appropriate emergency care provided to the patient. It benefits hospital staff by providing them instant patient history, and it eliminates the risk of hospital staff getting information from a confused or disoriented patient. The File of Life program also is beneficial to the individual participant. Participants gain peace of mind knowing they will receive prompt, quality care. They also can be assured that appropriate persons of interest, such as next of kin or other family or friends, can be notified quicker. Finally, it provides the participant with a renewed community spirit.
The File of Life program is very simple. When you come by the Fire Department to pick up the materials that you need, you will receive a magnet holder for your refrigerator, a wallet holder, two information sheets on which you will provide your medical history, and a decal that should be placed in plain sight on the front door, or a window near the front door. When emergency crews respond to your residence, they are trained to recognize the decal. The decal will alert crews to know that medical history can be obtained from the holder that is on the refrigerator. Each information card is designed for one person. If there are multiple persons occupying the residence, then a packet of materials will be provided for each person.
This program has been in place with the Sunset Beach Fire Department since 2009. Any interested person can pick up the materials at the Sunset Beach Fire Station located at 102 Shoreline Dr. W. any time of the day, any day of the week. Department personnel are trained in explaining the information and will assist you in filling out the forms. This service is free to the community, and we encourage all who are interested, and especially those who may have special needs regarding medical conditions, to participate. When you come by to pick up the materials, we ask that you take the time to fill out an information sheet for our records. The information sheet will be kept on file at the department so that fire department personnel can keep track of those who participate in the program. Thank you again for your support.