Jinks Creek/Tubbs Inlet Shoaling Study

The ERC began its study of shoaling in Jinks Creek and Tubbs Inlet in April 2023 after Charter Captain Tim Disano hosted a tour of Jinks Creek in his fishing boat. He showed Town representatives how difficult navigation had become and shared his knowledge of the history of the waterways. 

The Tubbs Inlet Aerials 2011-2023 slideshow file shows aerial images of the Tubbs Inlet area to see how conditions have changed in the past decade.

The boat tour was followed with drone photos images captured between May and October of 2023. The ERC Drone Slideshow and Shoaling Study Observation files were presented and discussed at the November 15, 2023 ERC meeting.

Shoaling is not a new issue in Jinks Creek. The build up of sand in the navigation waters has been happening for more than a decade. The Town of Sunset Beach has been dredging portions of Jinks Creek and the canals throughout the East end of the Island since 2022. Planning for this work began in 2016.

This information is not the final Shoaling Study Report. We offer this as an update of the work accomplished in 2023. We will continue to monitor changes in Jinks Creek and Tubbs Inlet in 2024.