Frequently Asked Questions

Cabanas – the simplest choice for a beach shading device is an umbrella.  Umbrellas can be set up almost anywhere along the beach. If you use extra support strings and tie downs the umbrellas must then follow all cabana regulations. Baby pop-up tents shading devices designed for infants are not regulated by the cabana rules. However, if the device is large enough for a toddler, a child, or an adult it is then a cabana and must follow all cabana regulations.

  •          No Set up before 7:00am
  •          No cabanas between 3rd & 29th Street
  •          Cabanas can be no larger than 12x12.
  •          Install anchors / tie downs per the manufacture instructions.
  •          Maintain a minimum of 10’ between other shading devices.
  •          Keep the emergency lane open between dunes and trashcan poles.
  •          All cabanas shall be collapsed and secured when sustained winds speeds render it unsafe to remain erected.
Dogs on Beach - When off your property, dogs must remain on a leash, any time, any place, in Sunset Beach.  This includes the mainland, island, and the beach.  Leash length should be no longer than 10 feet. Dogs are prohibited on the beach between the hours of 9:00am—6:00pm, beginning the Friday before Memorial Day and continuing through Labor Day. Pet owners must carry, in plain view, bags to remove all feces left by their pet on any public or private property that is not owned by said person.


  •          Vehicles must be completely off the roadway – no wheels touching asphalt.
  •          Parking is prohibited on the bike lane or sidewalk.
  •          Parallel parking only and in the direction of travel.
  •          Double parallel parking is prohibited.
  •          Do not block driveways or beach walkways.
  •          Parking is prohibited on:
  •          Numbered streets – 1st through 15th and 27th through 40th,
  •          Canal Drive from Cobia Street westward to 6th Street, Bay and Inlet Streets,
  •          North Shore Drive Extension from Cobia Street to its easternmost terminus
  •          The west side of Sunset Blvd. South from North Shore Drive to Main Street; and,
  •          Sunset Blvd. South from North Shore Drive East and West in a northerly direction for 200 feet.

Hours for Construction Activity - Construction. The erection, construction (including excavation), demolition, alteration or repair of any building or structure in a residential or business district other than between the hours of 7:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Monday through Saturday from Memorial Day to Labor Day and 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. during the remainder of the year; (The erection, construction (including excavation), demolition, alteration or repair of any building or structure in a residential or business district will not be allowed on any Sunday anytime of the year, except in the case of public safety or for the emergency protection of property.)

Low Speed Vehicles (Golf Carts) - by definition, any four-wheeled electric vehicle whose top speed is greater than 20 miles per hour but less than 25 miles per hour. Please keep the following in mind when operating any low-speed vehicle, like golf carts.


  •          At no time are golf carts and/or electric, battery-operated vehicles allowed on the beach strand. *Handicapped persons may operate a LSV which has been issued a permanent handicapped registration plate, with required modifications, and permit approved by Sunset Beach Police.
  •          Registered golf carts can be driven legally on the roadway (not the sidewalk or bike path) anywhere the posted speed is 35mph or less.
  •          Golf cart drivers must be at least 16yrs old and hold a valid driver’s license. No person less than 16yrs of age may operate a golf cart on a public street, road, or highway.
  •          All occupants must wear seatbelts. Child restraint systems required! Young children must be in car and/or booster seats if applicable.
  •          Drivers must refrain from operating while under the influence of alcohol, and open containers must not be found inside one of these vehicles.
  •          Golf carts must abide by all parking regulations.
  •          Golf carts must be inspected and registered in North Carolina or by a state that has identical standards as North Carolina and equipped with the following:


Tail lamps



Stop lamps


Seat belts

Parking brake

Font and rears turn signals


Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)