Beach Strand Regulations

Over the years, the popularity of our beach with both visitors and permanent residents, has grown to the point that we now need to ask all who use the beach to help maintain its charm and beauty for the future. To help us preserve and protect this wonder of nature so you and your family can enjoy it this year and your grandchildren and their families in the future, we ask you to abide by a few rules.

We have instituted these solely for your safety and the protection of the environment. Our goals are to preserve the family atmosphere of Sunset Beach and add to your enjoyment and relaxation during your visit. Click here to view a full list of our ordinances.

Again, welcome to Sunset Beach and have a safe and relaxing visit with us.

Mayor and Town Council of Sunset Beach


  • Please keep off the dunes - they are turtle nesting grounds and protect the Island during storms.
  • While we welcome your dog joining you on our beach, we do have rules about when and under what circumstances.
    1. Dogs must be on a leash no longer than 10 feet in length at all times.
    2. From the Friday before Memorial Day through Labor Day, dogs are not allowed on the beach from 9 am through 6 pm.
    3. For health and safety issues, we ask that you please remove any feces promptly and deposit them in the trash receptacles.
  • Fireworks and laser pointers are not permitted.
  • Please do not litter. Trash receptacles are conveniently located for your use.
  • Use only plastic containers or cans on the beach. For your safety, glass containers are not permitted.
  • For everyone's safety, do not launch or recover motorized watercraft from the beach.
  • Surfing is not permitted from 5th Street to 32nd Street from May 1st - October 31st and from 1st Street to 27th Street from November 1st - April 30th.
  • Please do not block the public accesses to the beach. Emergency vehicles must be able to access the strand.
  • Because we are a turtle sanctuary, all personal property must be removed from the beach strand by 7:00 pm and not returned until 7:00 am each day so that turtles can come ashore unobstructed. This also ensures safe walking on our beautiful shore at night.
  • Bonfires, charcoal and gas grills are NOT ALLOWED ON THE BEACH or within ten (10) feet of a residence as they may cause fires.
  • All vehicular traffic is prohibited from the beach strand.
  • Sleeping or camping on the beach strand after dark is not allowed.
  • If you dig holes in the sand, please refill the sand to prevent visitors from being hurt and to ensure that turtles may come ashore without danger of falling in the hole.

The Town of Sunset Beach has instituted these rules (ordinances) primarily to protect the environment and to add to your enjoyment and safety while you are visiting with us. Our beach is patrolled during the day, but it is not guarded. Please exercise good judgment when swimming in the ocean.

Welcome to Sunset Beach, have a great visit, and please, leave only your footprints in the sand!


    This page does not attempt to completely describe or circumvent the actual ordinances. To view the full and current ordinances, please click the link in the menu.


Please click below to print and post the Beach Strand Regulations in your rental property.