August 31,2023 at 8:45am:Final Update:

Windshield inspections are completed with little damage reported. All town roadways appear passible, but some standing water exist, so use caution in these areas. The leaf/limb ordinance is not being suspended at this time so bag and bundle provisions will be required. Leaf/Limb collection will resume on Tuesday, September 5th. Mayor Phillips has lifted the State of Emergency effective immediately.

August 31,2023 at 7:00am:

Crews are cruising town conducting windshield inspections. The beach strand looks great no damage to any walkways and very little to no dune erosion. Causeway is clear, at this point we don’t anticipate the 8:30 AM high tide to present a problem but we will be watching closely. No mainland damage reported and no roads closed.

August 30,2023 at 10:00pm:

The Sunset Beach causeway has been cleared of debris and is now open.

August 30,2023 at 8:30pm:

Water has breached the Sunset Beach causeway. The bridge is now closed and will remain closed until the water recedes.

August 30,2023 at 7:00pm:

The weather conditions are expected to deteriorate overnight beginning around midnight with heavy rainfall expected to continue into tomorrow afternoon. Roadways are beginning to flood and ponding the width of the roadways is becoming prevalent. Travel is not recommended overnight especially during the hours surrounding high tide. Tornados are being reported within Brunswick County and we are currently under a tornado warning. Please stay tuned to weather radio stations and heed the warnings. Stay safe.


August 30,2023 at 5:30pm:

 GFL is suspending garbage pickup for Thursday, August 31st in Brunswick County. Their Thursday route will be collected on Saturday. Therefore, there will be no Saturday pickup for garbage or recycling in Sunset Beach. Wednesday, September 6th, GFL will resume pickup on the island as normal. The recycling truck may be a bit slower than the garbage truck so leave your recycling bin out longer.


August 30,2023 at 4:50pm: 

Mayor Phillips has issued a State of Emergency effective at 4:00 PM today, Wednesday, August 30, 2023 until further notice. A voluntary evacuation order has been issued for the Town especially low lying flood prone areas and the barrier island.

 Town Officials are concerned for these areas during the times surrounding the next high tides which are 8:30 PM tonight (August 30th) and 8:30 AM tomorrow (August 31st).

 Town Hall will be closed tomorrow (August 31st) reopening on Friday, September 1st. If you are in need of a police officer or emergency assistance, please call 911. They will in turn dispatch the Town police and fire department personnel to assist you.