Leaf & Limb Information

Yard debris collection services are provided by Construction Waste Removal LLC and regulated by Town Ordinance Chapter 93. All property owners and residents are encouraged to follow these simple rules.

  • Yard debris must be placed at the street on the scheduled day of pickup by 7:30 am. 
  • The placement of yard debris in plastic trash bags is prohibited.
  • You may use 30-gallon cans or 30-gallon brown paper lawn and refuse bags which are sold locally at home improvement and hardware stores.
  • If your yard debris is in a reusable container, the container must be pulled back to the house and out-of-view no later than 6:00 pm on the day of pickup. 
  • All limbs must be bundled together with rope.
  • The maximum limb length permitted is 4 feet and the maximum bundle weight is 50 pounds.
  • The bundles must be placed at the street on the scheduled day of pickup no later than 7:30 am.
  • Yard debris or bundles not handled in the required manner will not be collected. 

Please ensure that your landscaper is aware of and adheres to the following regulations.

  • Yard debris collected by a professional landscaper from lawns and property must be removed by that company.
  • Debris determined to be left by professional landscapers will not be collected.

Thank you for your assistance in making Sunset Beach beautiful. 

Monthly Leaf and Limb Collection Schedule

First & Third Monday

  • Bonaparte Retreat II
  • Wyndfall
  • Sandpiper Bay
  • Mainland areas not listed below  

Second & Fourth Monday

  • Island
  • Seaside Station
  • Shoreline Woods
  • Sugar Sands
  • Kings Trail
  • Salt Marsh