Fire Department

The Sunset Beach Fire Department is a municipal combination department that serves the Town of Sunset Beach in the southwestern corner of Brunswick County, North Carolina. We have a very diverse response district, which not only includes the town, but also a rural portion of Brunswick County outside of the town limits. Our area is diverse in ethnic culture, and includes a variety of amenities such as 4+ miles of beach strand and retail shops, several top rated golf courses, and several fine dining establishments. The community we serve is primarily a retirement community; however, it is not uncommon for there to be an increase of up to 25,000 people or more during the summer season because our area is considered one of the prominent vacation spots in Brunswick County.

We respond to all types of incidents including fire, EMS, water rescue, hazardous materials, and motor vehicle accidents. We currently operate out of two stations with 3 shifts providing 24/7 emergency and non-emergency response. Each shift includes 6 members consisting of a Captain, Lieutenant, and 4 firefighters. The chief of the department and deputy chief support shift strength.  We have a part-time and volunteer membership that not only assists in emergency response, but also participates in weekly training activities, and community risk reduction activities.

In addition to the routine duties of incident response, station, vehicle, and equipment maintenance, our department performs fire inspections in all commercial occupancy located within the city limits. Furthermore, we have a great relationship with our neighboring departments and county emergency management agency that provide reciprocal automatic aid to fires and rescue related incidents. 

Other services offered by the Sunset Beach Fire Department include:

  • Smoke Detector Installation/Inspection Program
  • Fire Prevention and Community Risk Reduction Programs
  • Home Fire Safety Inspections
  • CPR and AED training
  • Beach Patrol