Board of Adjustments

The Board of Adjustment is an integral part of the zoning enforcement mechanism within Town Government. The Board has three specific purposes:
  • To hear and decide appeals from and review any order, requirement, decision, or determination made by an administrative official charged with the enforcement of any ordinance adopted;
  • To grant Special Use Permits;
  • To grant Variances that will enable a property owner to make use of property that in some way conflicts with the literal provisions of the ordinance as written.

For agendas and minutes prior to January 2020 please contact Town Hall at 910-579-6297.

Board Members:

Lawrence Hershoff, Chairman

Term Exp: October 2025
219 Baroney Pl. Drive
Sunset Beach, NC 28468

Greg Jensen

Term Exp: October 2025
1309 E. Main Street
Sunset Beach, NC 28468

Bruce Hovermale

Term Exp: April 2026
1429 Bay Street
Sunset Beach, NC 28468

Sybil Kesterson, ETJ Member

Term Exp: September 2026
8975 Woodbine Rd. SW
Sunset Beach, NC 28468

William (Bill) Vornehm

Term Exp: April 2026
228 Crooked Gulley Circle
Sunset Beach, NC 28468

Jay Lucas, Alternate

Term Exp: January 2027
445 Lake Shore Dr
Sunset Beach, NC 28468